A Beautiful Danish Apartment with New York Loft Vibe

Black Framed Glass Doors Wooden Flooring Large Metal Lamp Shade Pendant Large Bed Grey Bedspread Oversized Framed Photo Coat Hanger With Wheels Glass Windows

Traditional touches of Scandinavian style are highly prevalent in decorating small interior space to make it looks and feel more significant. An apartment is undoubtedly a tiny living space that could benefit this particular style décor. Surprisingly the fact that Scandinavian décor merely is means that it can quickly be given some additional flairs to look a bit different. There is an apartment in Denmark finished in traditional Scandinavian style with just the look of a loft in New York. One iconic feature that delivers the New York loft feel is the exposed brick wall inside. The rest of the space is in authentic Scandinavian style décor.

This apartment has a kitchen in whitewashed wooden flooring alongside white finished walls. The white tile backsplash is there as well to ensure that the kitchen is full of bright light. Meanwhile, to accentuate the white inside the kitchen, black kitchen cabinets are there made of wood. The natural shade of a wooden pillar right in the center of the space is another accentuating element of the kitchen. There is a natural wooden dining table as well in black frame accompanied by some mismatching design of black chairs. A few lights above the cooking area complete the room.

The bedroom of this small apartment is in a separate section away from the living room open area. Glass black framed doors divide the space although the use of glass makes the lights to get to the bedroom area quickly. One thing for sure is that space is just another Scandinavian décor display. A large bed is there close to the window while an oversized artwork can be seen next to a corner closet. The use of light tone inside the bedroom makes it more spacious than it is.

Furthermore, the bathroom is a display of black and white mix. The walls are in white finish with black cabinets. The sink is placed next to the window so that even from the bathroom the view of the outside can be enjoyed. Apparently, it is a smart way to let natural light enters the bathroom space while also save some space for the placement of the sink itself. It is true that Scandinavian style of interior decoration is the best way to get a small apartment look beautiful and highly functional at the same time. A bit of accentuating element can be added for a slightly different look though.

Wooden Kitchen Flooring Black Kitchen Cabinet Black Countertop Black Range Hood Potted Plants White Tile Backsplash Hanging Bulbs

Black Framed Oversized Photo Wooden Flooring Glass Window Large Bed Grey Bedspread

Rough Wooden Pillar Wooden Dining Table Metal Black Legs Metal Dining Chairs Wooden Flooring Potted Plants Black Kitchen Cabinet Hanging Bulbs White Subway Tile Backsplash Wall

White Subway Tile Backsplash Wall Black Kitchen Cabinet Black Countertop Black Range Hood Wooden Dining Table Metal Chairs Hanging Bulbs Decorative Greenery

Black Bathroom Cabinet Plaid Towels White Bowl Sink Glass Windows White Frames Hanging Bulbs

Large Metal Shade Pendant Wooden Flooring Leather Upholstered Sofa Rough Brick Living Room Wall Black Floo Lamp White Curtains Glass Windows Rough Wooden Pillar Wooden Table Metal Chairs

Black Framed Glass Doors Wooden Flooring Large Metal Lamp Shade Pendant Large Bed Grey Bedspread Oversized Framed Photo Coat Hanger With Wheels Glass Windows

Rough Brick Interior Wall Leather Sofa Round Metal Top Black Carved Wooden Legs Coffee Table Wooden Flooring Flowers Candle Holder Black Floor Lamp Interior Radiator

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