A Beautiful Modern Mosman House in Sydney Australia

Long And Narrow Outdoor Infinity Pool Greenery Trees Wooden Accentuating Decor Pieces Concrete Top Floor Terrace Flooring

A modern dwelling can be incorporating any possible ideas to get the best appeal and function at the same time. One of many beautiful houses out there is this one called Mosman House. It can be found in Sydney Australia that stands out in its area. It has an iconic sculptural façade while also having a seamless connection with the outdoor area. Another decent feature is the infinity pool that can be the place to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere at any time. Rolf Ockert designed the entire package of this house with a smart way to mix outdoor and indoor vibes.

There is a sunken seating area on its outdoor patio deck with panoramic views to enjoy alongside that beautiful infinity edge pool. As an architect, Rolf Ockert believes that a combination of quality and style alongside some personal touches will deliver a high level of timelessness in designing a house like this one. So, although it is a modern house, it will remain beautiful for years to come. Many features within the décor will bring the house to the next level of inspiration.

The interior should be bright so that huge windows area there with a specific orientation of the house itself in the direction of the natural light from the outside. Moreover, artificial lighting is considered to be crucial in the form of pendants and chandeliers inside. They deliver the need of additional lights while also beautifying the space at the same time. There is an excellent lounge area with the perfect balance of colors, finishes, and textures. Mart chairs and grey sectional sofa work well together to create a kind of decorative frame of the lounge area inside this modern house.

The visual barrier of the indoor and the outdoor area is there in the form of Mad chairs. The chairs seamlessly fill their function to create a distinction of different space without having to block the view of the area at all. Pendant lamps do sophisticated touch within the space with a new color splash as well in this space. The kitchen gets the right amount of natural lights as well due to the long horizontal windows there with simple wooden décor to see all over it. Away from those interior features, the main attraction is outside. The long extended pool that cantilevers right over the slope edge is considered a rare trait to be in a residential house like this one.

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Large Sculptural Glass And Wooden Facade Glass Windows

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Long And Narrow Outdoor Infinity Pool Greenery Trees Wooden Accentuating Decor Pieces Concrete Top Floor Terrace Flooring

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