A Former Factory Turned into Minimalist yet Beautiful Industrial Loft

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It has been quite popular recently that some people started to repurpose old stuff and even building to be completely useful today. In term of old buildings, there will always be lots of them all around the globe that could be looking great when altered and renovated correctly. This one example named Loft F5.04 is in Prague which was a factory. The project is done by designer Klara Valona along with SMLXL Studio to alter the look of an old factory to a minimalist dwelling with a bit of industrial flair.

One beneficial matter of this space is that it is ample space. The total area of this loft is 120 square meters since it was a factory. The original character and charm of this building are intended to be kept by the designers along with the renovation and alteration project. The result is that industrial flair of this loft which is nothing but beautiful and inviting at the same time. The leading tone of the décor involves grey and white. Those tones are perfect to bring industrial flair into space while also creating a lightness of the décor. Some wooden elements are there as well to accentuate the technical talent so that this loft can be said to be a mix of the industrial and modern style of décor in perfect harmony and beauty.

The high ceiling is another feature that is kept while being enhanced further by adding hanging lamps. Concrete panels are there as well that play their role as a beautification aspect of the industrial décor of this loft. Swing seats within the breakfast zone are amidst the things that somewhat unique in this loft. The massive concrete kitchen island is one of the unique features of this loft. Complementing the perfect industrial decoration style. Despite the fact that the windows of this loft are not the original one’s space seems just right with the new windows.

A slightly different shade of space can be seen in the nursery. It is finished in soothing blue tone instead of grey and white as the rest of the loft. The bedroom along with its bathroom has a dark finish which is surprisingly relaxing. The key is the use of some textural elements within that dark finish of the space. Overall even in the dark finish, some other emphasized factors make the décor stand out.

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