A Highly Stylish and Inspiring Bachelor’s Pad with Industrial Vibes

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A bachelor’s pad is often closely associated to a man cave. Everything inside will have to be supporting the daily routine of the man living there. Thus it is pretty standard that there will be industrial vibes inside a bachelor’s pad just like this one in downtown Chicago apartment. This place belongs to a mathematician who loves the industrial style so that everything inside this dwelling screams industrial. Moreover, he likes to read a lot so that books are parts of the décor for sure.

Overall the personality of a mathematician is clearly described within the décor of this dwelling. That is a start to define this place amidst many others. Even there is a collection of graffiti art being displayed within the space since that is a thing of the interest of its owner. When the personality of the owner is described explicitly in the décor of the house inevitably, it will create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere all around the house. Furthermore, it will show guests what the place is about as well. Within this place, a robust industrial vibe can be felt thoroughly with some custom pieces made of reclaimed materials as the industrial elements inside. It features rich tones alongside colorful artworks as well as books to deliver the idea of its owner in its décor.

A decent piece of item is the dining table since it is a handcrafted piece of Barnes & Noble flagship store. It is paired well with some modern chairs from Cassina. Even within this space, it is pretty light since that is the way to ensure that space feels spacious. As a voracious reader who can finish 100 books in a year, there are several areas to sit and read books inside this space. There is even a salvaged bucket seat from an old Porsche as one of the sitting areas. It is undeniable that the chairs have been beautifully altered by increasing the nuances of the industry as well.

The bedroom is a fashionable one with herringbone bookcase to store many books amidst his collection. Meanwhile going up to the next floor is an entertainment space with a sectional sofa explicitly made to be configured in many ways to adapt to the available space there. Industrial style pipe lamps can be seen in the living room which is pretty much perfect within the scope of industrial vibes inside this dwelling. Nothing in this residence that cannot be enjoyed.

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