A Modern Planter Collection to Display and Highlights Plants for Indoor Area

Viride Uno Modern Plant Display Black Tubular Frame

Adding greenery in any interior space is a common thing that many homeowners prefer to do today. It may well be a small and easy thing to do which will deliver a decent effect into the décor as well as the atmosphere of the space where the plants are placed. Obviously there are many items that can be helpful to display certain plants inside any residential house. Some of them may just look pretty common while some others could possibly unique and uncommon. Some unique features may well be there in some items to display plants inside.

The fact that modern décor style is highly popular today means that anything related to interior décor and home furnishing should be having modern style as well. A design duo based in Barcelona named Goula / Figura has just released its latest collection of modern planter under the name of Viride series. Well, since it is a collection then there are several items within. Each one of the items within this collection of modern plant displays has its own specs and functions to house different plants.

One of them is the Viride Uno which is tall and slender. It is the perfect choice to display plants with low level moisture needs. It features a large LED panel just above the plant rest. That LED acts as the sun for the plants housed there such as cactus. Next on this collection is the Viride Dos as a kind of elegant and traditional planter with decent features. It has a spacious base for several plants accompanied by two light discs and a thing to manage its humidity level. It is capable to rotate to ensure even moisture and light for all plants housed there. At this point it is fair to say that Viride planters and smart planters.

The last item is called Viride Tres since its name is numbering. It is a hanging planter surrounded by a chorus of lighting that could rotate slowly in the purpose of resembling daylight times. This will be perfect for exotic plants that look awesome. Overall the entire items within the Viride are pretty unique in design. They are all pretty modern in their appeal with some decent features that will not just house plants but highlight them as well to make them much more attractive. Furthermore, they will keep the plants healthy as well.

Viride Tres Design For Hanging Plants Rotated Light Disks

Viride Uno Modern Plant Display Black Tubular Frame

Low Viride Dos Large Base Planter Lightingdisks

The Tall And Slim Design Of Viride Uno Modern Plant Display

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