AB House in Israel by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Pivoting White Painted Metal Net Screens Pebbles Greenery Trees

A modern home can be having any possible creative ideas to get the better appeal amidst other buildings in the surrounding area. That idea is clearly understood by Pitsou Kedem Architects when designing and building a modern house in Israel called the AB House. One favorite eye feature of this house is the geometric white metal net as its cover that can be enjoyed from the outside and inside of the house. Clearly, within the area of the house itself, it does not look like any other houses. In short, this AB House has two central boxes combined perfectly in a modern harmony of a residential home.

The metal net which has been finished in white paint covers both of the boxes as the main elements of this particular house. The construction of the metal net is in a kind of recurring pattern of geometric design that lets the natural light and air to enter the spaces inside the boxes. Overall around the house, the combination of outdoor and indoor areas have been done seamlessly to bring as much nature element as possible. The same pattern of geometric design can be seen inside the decoration of the interior. A metal wall that follows floating stairs to function as a perforated balustrade is one example of that geometric design within the décor of this house.

As the iconic feature of the entire building, the metal net is like a mark of contours in a series. It is not just a metal net done in white though. It sometimes closed to act as an entrance while some other times it is inlaid with pivoting doors allowing the dynamic appearance of the facades. It might sound a bit complicated, but the entire system works fine to enjoy at all times.

Furthermore, the interior space of this house is nothing but modern and edgy. It consists of glass, polished concrete and metal in which the mix of them is just perfect. Different materials and textures are incorporated within the decoration of the interior to add more attractive elements of the décor. The actual color scheme of the interior is a bit moody and dark though with just a bit of color splashes in some areas. The AB House by Pitsou Kedem Architects is a unique modern dwelling with many wow factors unlike any other building, especially within its local area.

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Pivoting White Painted Metal Net Screens Pebbles Greenery Trees

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