Aesthetically Pleasing Glass Pendants from CP Lighting

Green Glass Calmo Lamp Sconce Style From Cp Lighting

The latest set of lamps offered by CP Lighting has been created extraordinarily. Furthermore, the materials used for the lights are repurposed materials so that at the end the blow glass pendants collection from CP Lighting is a very special lighting fixture to have. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at while of course, it will be able to deliver its primary function as a light source for any interior space. Upon its reputation as a creator of unique lamps made of various materials, CP Lighting has once again been able to shock the market with the new lights named Incalmo and Liquor.

The one called Incalmo has its name derived from the unique technique of object construction using at least two blown glass materials. It is a term defined by Corning Museum of Glass. Thus the actual piece of Incalmo lamps from CP Lighting offers a beautiful mouth-blown repurposed wine bottles pendant lamp. Well, it is clear evidence that repurposed stuff can be wonderful when done correctly. It is a singular piece of the pendant that can be selected out of several colors such as clear, brown, green, and blue. It is available in both pendant and scone form to choose for different space in any interior. One interesting additional feature of this one is the added metal detailing all around it.

Meanwhile, the other one called Liquor is made of liquor bottles from the local surrounding areas. Thus the name of this lamp is derived from the liquor bottles as the materials. The shape is somewhat random yet predictable globes. The making of Liquor is mold blown with a variety of some seams. In the end, this Liquor version of the latest lighting collection from CP Lighting offers a pretty unique design and shape at the same time. It has a silvered interior that accentuate the overall appeal of it further away.

Both of the lamps from CP Lighting can be considered to be unique in term of their appeal as well as the materials of them. They are all pretty aesthetic to enjoy in many ways. Thus they will be nice to accentuate any style of interior décor from minimalist and modern to vintage and classic décor. Any space in any dwelling will get the benefit of the design of those lamps since they can even be the focal points of the décor.

Simple Yet Beautiful Glass Incalmo Pendant Lamp From Cp Lighting

Green Glass Calmo Lamp Sconce Style From Cp Lighting

Liquor Lamp Design Of Cp Lighting Silvered Finish Soft Yellowish Light

Bronze Finished Liquor Pendant Lamp Of Cp Lighting

Pendant Style Of Incalmo Lamp From Cp Lighting

Different Colors Of Calmo Lamp Pendant Style From Cp Lighting

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