Beautiful Apartment in Spain with Soft Vibes of Paris Inside

Rounded Crystal Chandelier Wooden Stools Books Wooden Flooring White Bedding Interior Radiator Light Blue Pillows

An old building of an apartment in Coruna is originated from the 50s has just been altered to have a soft and modern vibe of Paris. Well, it is located in Spain, but the beauty of Parisian vibes attracts Ramisa Projects & Fun to create a unique décor inside the apartment. Various finds from flea markets and antique shops have been helpful in altering the overall look of this apartment to a chic and eclectic space with the basic style of mid-century modern. The whole square of this apartment has been increased by using the previously unused space behind a false ceiling of it.

Its living room is covered in wooden flooring with some white walls and molding to accentuate the space. There is an oversized mirror with a beautiful antique frame covering it as one decent feature of this space. Woven chairs in mid-century lightweight design are there as well with white upholstered sofa to match the look of the rustic side table. The final settlement of the room is in soft textiles that create a more inviting room vibe.

The dining area is actually in unity with the living area with decent features of its own. Antique light is set above wooden dining table surrounded by mismatched chairs. A display cupboard with glazing is there to display many dishes as well as some ceramic stuff. Meanwhile, the kitchen is done in white with a modern vibe all over it due to the use of stainless steel appliances. A mirror wall is there to expand the small size of the kitchen visually. Overall the kitchen is highly functional and beautiful just as other rooms mentioned earlier.

There are stairs made of metal laser cut balustrade done in a white finish. They do not use lots of space for sure. On the other hand, the bedroom is done in a kind of vintage and rustic mix. Molding along with off-white finish and crystal chandelier create a perfect blend of the aesthetic appeal of the bedroom décor. The nightstands are pretty simple since wooden stools are serving that role. Coziness is at the highest level inside the bedroom with that décor. At the end of this Spanish apartment, there is nothing but the beauty of Parisian vibes which is nice. The entire space is being used and maximized all the way up in term of its look with just adding some small details around.

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Rounded Crystal Chandelier Wooden Stools Books Wooden Flooring White Bedding Interior Radiator Light Blue Pillows

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