Beautiful Textural Accents in a Screen House by Carter Williamson Architecture Firm

All Black Peny Tile Bathroom Cladd White Freestanding Bathtub White Toilet Frosted Glass Wooden Framed Windows Frosted Glass Spheres Pendant

A connection of interior space to the outdoor area is a crucial element in this beautiful-looking chic and modern house designed by Carter Williamson architecture firm. Based in Australia, the firm delivers a pretty firm example of contemporary style building with lots of chic flairs and some textural accents as well. Indeed, there are some smart solutions as well concerning the available space inside this house. Overall the house looks nice both inside and outside as well as the connection between them.

The kitchen of this house is considerably the one striking out pretty well. It comes with black cabinets alongside penny tile backsplash as well as some black leather chairs. Wooden dining table in a pretty rich tome along with a wooden pendant can be seen there to make the kitchen cooler. The same material is used to cover the kitchen island as well alongside some wooden lamps with that pretty similar appeal as the pendant. It is pretty textural and chic for sure. An open patio can be seen from this space in which a bit of natural flair can be enjoyed instantly.

The living room is united with the kitchen space since it is not a large house. The black leather sofa is there with the textural accent of the rough brick wall. The grand idea is to connect the space with an outdoor area separated only by sliding glass doors. Surely there is no obstruction at all to enjoy the view of the outside as if space is a large one. There is a concrete platform outside that is the so-called continuity of the indoor living room and a dining room for excellent outdoor meal time.

This house has three bathrooms which will be surprising. Black penny tiles clad one of the showers with a free-standing bathtub. Furthermore, there is a wooden edge stand as well as some glass windows and pendants with frosted glass shades. Meanwhile, the other bathroom looks sparkling with small square tiles covering in bold colors. Splashes of colors inside this bathroom boost the mood of the space. The last one of the bathrooms is considerably more neutral than the other two mentioned previously. Lots of windows can be seen there to bring lots of natural lights inside. That is just another smart way to get connected to the outside better.

Black Countertop Black Kitchen Cabinet Metal Chairs Black Leather Upholstery Wooden Dining Table Rough Brick Wall Greenery Potted Plants Wooden Shades Pendants

Black Leather Sofas Patterned Rug Wooden Top Indoor Dining Table Black Chairs Black Kitchen Cabinets Potted Plants Glazed Walls

All Black Peny Tile Bathroom Cladd White Freestanding Bathtub White Toilet Frosted Glass Wooden Framed Windows Frosted Glass Spheres Pendant

Wooden Shades Pendant Wooden Top Dining Table Black Metal Dining Chairs Black Kitchen Cabinet

Manicured Lawn Greenery Flowers Black Outdoor Dining Furniture Black Sofa

Wooden Kitchen Island Stainless Steel Sink Sculptural Wooden Shades Pendant Glazed Wall Greenery Potted Plants

Light Wooden Outdoor Deck With Stairs Black Outdoor Dining Furniture Set Black Fencing Flowers Greenery

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