Black Wood Country House with Modern Touches Inside

Green Grass Trees Greenery Black Finished Wooden House

Combining two contrasting styles is a common thing in home furnishing and interior decoration. It means that a traditional looking wooden house may well be having a modern interior décor. One decent example of that is this house in the Gorski Kotar mountainous region of Croatia. An architect named Tomislav Soldo designed a house on a hillside with all black wooden finish in its exterior. That black finish is intended to reduce heat loss while also providing better ventilation for the interior. A benefit of its location on a sloped hillside area is that it has a scenic view of the forest and mountainscape around it to enjoy.

The entire space of this house is about 100 sqm with even a small storage space in its basement area. On top of that, it has a living room along with an open kitchen area with a bathroom on its middle section. The first section has a sleeping space that is considerably a mezzanine level instead of a complete upper floor level. An open space plan with glazing is there to maximize the flow of the indoor space and the outdoor area while also intended to maximize the enjoyment of the surrounding views.

One crucial thing was done by the architect to get the best of the interior is to ensure that everything is just in one volume. It is a smart way to secure the nature surrounding from every corner of the interior. The kitchen as well as the bathroom placed in a kind of box-like core within the space that is nothing but minimalist. The kitchen is done in white, and some light wood accentuates it nicely. The floor is covered in cement just as the kitchen island to get the best durability of them both.

A modern hearth is inside with some stacks of firewood to keep the fire going. There are candles as well that make it a cozy space to spend a day even without doing anything at all. The central living area has a large floor space covered in wood that is perfectly combined with the natural view of the surrounding. Aside from the beauty of its interior, the materials of this house are somewhat unique as well. Aerated concrete blocks are used to build this house in an accelerated manner while also meeting the requirements of the building within the area. This house will not be too hot during summer or too cold in winter due to that material.

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Green Grass Trees Greenery Black Finished Wooden House

Wooden Floor Black Pendants Black Framed Glass Door White Kitchen Island Black Wooden Window

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