Clawfoot Bathtubs to Boost Elegant Bathroom Decor

Black Clawfoot Tub White Inside Gold Legs Black Patterned Flooring White Rug White Subway Tile Half Wall Finish Vintage Cupboard Potted Plant Vintage Pendant

A bathtub is the main element of a bathroom. It means that it acts as a bed in a bedroom. It will be the focal point of the space so that choosing the right piece of a bathtub is crucial to get the best possible appeal of the décor in it. In term of a bathtub, back in the 19th century, the hottest choice of a bathtub is the clawfoot one. Right after having a period of being forgotten by people, it starts to make its comeback recently. The fact that clawfoot bathtubs are considerably refined and chic is amidst the reason of homeowners preferred to have this bathtub type than other types. Well, how to get the best décor of a bathroom using this clawfoot bathtub?

There are not much of things to think about when opting for this clawfoot type of bathtub today. The main thing is just the color of the tub. Bathroom space is commonly small or even narrow so that having the one in white is considered a smart way. It will not create a kind of cramped feel inside the tight space of a bathroom when the choice is the white one. It will be fresh for any style of décor though to go for white clawfoot bathtub.

On the other hand, it is possible to go for the black or dark finished clawfoot tub. It is considered perfect for a bit larger bathroom since the dark tone may not be suitable for the small bathroom. Even when the basic décor of the bathroom is bright, modern style, adding a deep bathtub in clawfoot type is going to be a brilliant way of accentuating the décor of the space. Furthermore, there are some colorful options as well regarding this type of tub. A neutral bathroom will have a decent statement with the use of colorful clawfoot bathtub. It means that the container can be in almost any available colors like mint, yellow, aqua, orange, red, emerald, pink, or even light blue. The tub will be the popping tone in a rather dull neutral bathroom.

Small details of this type of tub are the legs. There are many possible combinations of the tone of the container and the tone of the legs. Think about the best possible combination so that the overall appeal of the bathtub as well as the entire décor of the bathroom. White tub with golden legs will look nice for sure as an example.

Soft Blue Bathrub White Legs Round Side Table White Towel Flowers

White Subway Tile Bathroom Wall Navy Hexagonal Tiny Tile Flooring Wooden Stool Neutral Curtains

Aqua Clawfoot Tub Silver Legs White Inside White Square Ottoman Aqua Half Wall Paint Floral Print Curtains

Bold Orange Bathtub Silver Legs White Subway Tile Bathroom Walls Concrete Flooring Black Framed Window Wooden Ceiling

White Curtain Circular Metal Frame Ivory Clawfoot Tub Silver Legs Small Rug Flowers White Vase

Vintage White Clawfoot Tub White Curtain Patterned Tile Flooring Mint Wooden Wall White Floating Sink Balck Tap Wooden Framed Mirror Wall Sconces Pendant Lamp

Red Patterned Rug Vintage Carved Frame Wall Mirror Pink Painted Wall Wooden Shelving Unit White Towels Flowers Wooden Flooring Green Bathtub

White Curtain Black Bathtub White Wooden Framed Glass Window Panels White Towel Metal Towel Hanger Metal Stool Black And White Tile Flooring

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