Creating Feminine Appeal in a Dining Room Easily


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Interior decoration may not always be gender-free since a dining room can be feminine. It is true that as simple as picking the main color scheme for space, the overall décor can either be a masculine or feminine one. It is not difficult at all to create a feminine vibe in a dining room. The basic idea to do is pretty much the same as decorating nursery or kids’ room. Start by picking the proper colors associated with the respective décor before going to other things. It means that a feminine space could be having girlish tones to start with. Well the main elements of the dining room should be at least having those tones, right?

It is clear that dining table is the central piece of furniture in a dining room. There are plenty of choices of the dining table to consider when finding the one that looks feminine. It can just be simple in design and color such as white round top dining table in which some other things will be the accentuating elements for a more feminine appeal. It is possible to go bold so that the table will be a statement within the décor. Bold dining table in eye catchy colors will do regardless of the shape of the table.

The chairs surrounding the table can be the critical elements in boosting a feminine appeal in any dining space. Standard chairs can be the base with some bold and striking upholstery made of fabric. Floral print upholstery in pastel tones could do it right to help to create the feminine vibe in a dining room instantly. Other than chairs there are benches as well that can be nice to be placed next to a dining table especially with beautiful bold upholstery such as the one mentioned earlier for the chairs.

Meanwhile, it is a smart idea as well to play with the lighting fixtures within the dining space. Crystal chandelier to create a bit of glam flair inside the dining space will be perfect for a feminine area. Otherwise, there are many vintage pendant options as well which will be the delicate touch in a female dining room. Aside from the main lighting fixtures above the table, there could also be some accentuating lamps on the table which will be nice to be in the warm light. Just remember not to be too much in everything so that the dining room will be feminine and enjoyable.


White Vintage Wooden Dining Chairs Purple Velvet Upholstery Round Glass Top Dining Table Elegant Chandelier Patterned Floor Covering Framed Wall Art Flowers Pink Curtain

Pink Upholstered Wooden Dining Chairs Square Dining Table Flowers Vintage Sofa And Chairs Fireplace With Wall Mirror

Black Printed Statement Wall Concrete Flooring Pink Flowers Gold Industrial Ceiling Lamp Oval Dining Table Pedestal Leg Black Upholstered Chairs Gold Legs Grey Textural Rug Wall Mounted Open Shelves

Bold Colored Wall Artwork Wooden Flooring Metal Chandelier White Dining Table White Wooden Corner Bench Blue Cushions Blue Chairs White Cushions Flowers Floral Print Pillows

Light Wooden Dining Table And Benches With Pink Accents Flowers Wooden Flooring Fireplace Wall Mirror Open Shelving Cabinet Books Sculptural Chandelier

Soft Pink Upholstered Corner Bench And Chairs Small White Round Top Pedestal Dining Table Flowers Large Shade Pendant Butterfly Shaped Wall Decor Pieces

Gold Oversized Sculptural Pendant White Rectangular Dining Table White Chairs Black Legs Floor Lamps Sideboard With Drawers Wooden Tile Floring

Floral Print Rug Vintage Dining Chairs Lavender Upholstery Crystal Chandelier Mirrored Top Dining Table Candle Holder Sideboard

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