Cuboid Ultra-Modern Style Concrete House

Rough Concrete Exterior Cube Home Finish Wooden Framed Glass Square Widows In Different Size Greenery Trees

It is true that modern style is pretty much limitless in term of its design and creativity. Even the term modern house itself will have a different interpretation for sure when it comes to different architects. A newly built current home in the northern area of Switzerland called Fullinsdorf residential area is nothing but chic. It has the shape of a cube made of entirely concrete with just some square wooden framed glass windows as its visible accents from the outside. Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architetti has been replacing the previous building within the landscape by carefully placed and integrated this new cube-shaped house smartly.

This bold looking building is a three-story residential house with the term cuboid home to call it. It has an elegant washed concrete façade accompanied by many square openings in many different sizes actually to accentuate the décor and its look. It is possible to build more structures later on since this building is placed on the lower edge of the landscape. This house can be accessed through two areas which are the carport at its ground level and the rear entrance door at the different level. It has a private courtyard leading to a living room inside the building with a center staircase lighter by skylights that connect the house floors.

The ground level has only the main entrance to the house along with a cellar and some storage facilities. The lower level is just the opening to the main feature of this house on the next floor level. The intermediate floor level has master bedroom along with bathrooms, two more bedrooms, and a guest room that can be functioned as a study room as well when no one stays there. Above that floor is the level with a kitchen, a dining area, a lounge, and a courtyard with its access to the rear garden area.

In term of the tone, there is nothing but minimalist tone inside this house with washed concrete as the primary color accentuated a bit by oak wood panels, items, and frames for the glass windows in some sections. Different finishes are used in different parts such as polished smooth cement for the flooring while the walls are in roughcast cement surfaces. Some square openings in different size are made inside that can be used as storage spaces as well for many things such as books.

Unique Rough Concrete Outdoor Wall Finish Wooden Framed Glass Square Windows Greenery Trees

Rough Concrete Exterior Cube Home Finish Wooden Framed Glass Square Widows In Different Size Greenery Trees

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