Decorating a Bathroom in Feminine Styles and Girlish Vibes


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Making a feminine space is possible in any area including a bathroom. A is a personal space so that it can be decorated accordingly depending on the personal taste and preference of its owner. It means that a bath of a female’s home can be done in feminine style. It is not hard at all to create a feminine appeal in a bathroom since it will just be pretty much like working with other spaces. Choosing the style of the décor for the feminine charm in the bathroom is a must. The popular options for this matter include rustic, vintage, modern, or shabby chic. Once the style is chosen, then it will be just like a walk in the park in adding various stuff there.

A place to place the bathroom sink is the key to start creating a feminine appeal in a bathroom. It can either be a sink stand or a vanity. Pick the one that will deliver an utterly feminine appeal to start with. Ivory, lavender, pink or white can always be the choice for this matter with gold accents. Other metallic accents than gold will do just fine as well. Otherwise, a gilded sink stand will also be helpful to choose which will create a rather glamorous or luxurious appeal of bathroom décor.

Next thing to pick is the bathtub. It is the one big thing that will create the focal point of the bathroom for sure. In dealing with feminine appeal inside the bathroom the perfect choice is the one with clawfoot design. That particular type of bathtub will give a more refined look compared to the usual kind of bath. It can be either calm in white or bold in pink with shiny metallic legs. Meanwhile, the one with no legs will be nice with a kind of additional platform underneath to create a spa-like bathroom.

Next thing to deal with is the shower space that can also be altered to look girlish. Pastel tiles to completely cover the shower wall will be nice. It can be the accentuating elements as well as neutral tile. The curtains and towels can be in the feminine tones as well to help to make it better instantly. The mirror is the one last thing to pay attention when creating a feminine bathroom décor. A small oval mirror with a shiny metallic frame around it will be beautiful. Otherwise, it can even be having a pastel-colored structure for a bolder appeal right there.


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