Diagonal Wooden Columns Clusters Fill a Modern Home with Unique Vibe

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Unique elements in any house can be anything. It is true that almost anything can be incorporated into interior decoration to create the unique appeal like no other d├ęcor. A home named Y-house that was designed by Watanabe studio based in Tokyo has its very own unique appeal inside its interior. Well, this modern house has clusters of diagonal wooden columns that deliver uniqueness as well as fulfilling some essential functions inside. The entire space of the home is just 144 sqm with smart layout and plan so that a couple and their children will then be able to live a practical life inside. It has been a decent project that uniqueness remains there without compromising practical matters.

The initial idea regarding the tree branches like wooden columns inside the house is that it references the surrounding trees. Thus inside the house, there are some sets of angular spruce wooden columns that support the gabled roof as well as floors of this two levels house. The columns are on the ground level as well as trunks of trees that lead to an open space plan and continual flow to the garden area as well. In some areas of the house, the columns are even dispersed to look like branches surround them.

Just inside the open living space, there is a dining room, a kitchen, and a lounge. Meanwhile, the bathrooms are on one side of the area. Douglas Fir veneer doors are there in sandwiched position between the tall windows with the purpose of having an open view of the garden area from any section of the interior of this house.

The kitchen is pretty minimalist with tall cupboards that conceals the stairs leading to the bedrooms, bathrooms, a family area, and a small mezzanine level. There is an area to play and sleep with bookshelves between pine beams and some columns. There is on open plan twin bedroom with a ladder leading to the mezzanine level. The master bedroom along with a study area can be found there behind a blue wall. A wardrobe is formed by a hanging rail in open shelving characteristic. Furthermore, in enhancing the wooden columns further, there are plywood sheets used to finish the space up. The light colored plywood delivers more comfort and coziness to the entire area so that it is more and more enjoyable to live.

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