Eclectic Designer’s Apartment with Designer Pieces and Warm Atmosphere

Sculptural White Pendant Bright Patterned Rug Wooden Flooring Metal Bed Creamy Bedding Small Chair Creamy Curtains White Cabinet

A designer named Sandra Benhamou has her apartment done in a pretty eclectic and chic way with some iconic elements all around it. As a designer’s home surely there will be some iconic designer pieces around the décor to help to enhance the décor. Aside from that matter, this apartment in Paris is highly inviting. Bold artworks, unique shaped table, and glass bubble highlights are only a few of many iconic items inside this spacious apartment. The entire interior space of this apartment is full of character due to many iconic items inside that have been carefully selected and collected.

The living room as the center of the interior is a spacious space. It has parquet flooring along with white ceiling and walls creating bright interior décor. An iconic piece of this space is the bubbles highlights on the high ceiling. Navy velvet upholstered furniture items are there accompanied by a mirror coffee table in that unique kidney shape. Large artworks enhance the appeal of this space further in such exquisite way unlike any other area in this apartment.

Another eclectic space in the kitchen that is done in the modern style of décor. The flooring is covered in patterned tiles. The wooden kitchen cabinets are in beautiful contrast with that flooring as well as black and white countertops. The ceiling section is accentuated by the presence of a mid-century modern style glass pendant that completes the décor of the kitchen. Light wooden chairs are there as dining chairs around the mirrored dining table that looks just perfect. Storage cabinets for more stuff are covered in frosted glass with some stainless steel appliances to maximize the functionality of the kitchen.

Go to the master bedroom of this apartment there is a peaceful atmosphere inside. The central tone of the bedroom is off-white with a bit of wooden accent out of the dresser. Creamy curtains in thick density make sure that privacy is not the issue at all inside this bedroom. Overall softness of textures and tones are the key features that make this bedroom beautiful. The bathroom next to it is a small one with just a shower. Penny tiles are there covering the entire bathroom area in excellent black and white pattern. Faux fireplace and a small home office are added to get the best function of the space aside of just being a beautiful space in term of its decoration.

Wooden Floor Chevron Pattern Patterned Rug Two Grey Beds Light Blue Covering Wall Artworks

Large Navy Shade Floor Lamp Navy Base Small Side Table Black Top Wooden Flooring Faux Fireplace Flowers Books Stack White Cabinet

White Bubble Shaped Sculptural Pendant Navy Upholstered Sofa Mirrored Kidney Shaped Top Cofee Table Wooden Flooring Faux Fireplace Grey Rug Wall Artworks

White Subway Tile Wall Covering Patterned Black And White Tile Flooring Wooden Open Shelving Cabinet Round Mirrored Top Table Wooden Chairs Navy Cushions

Wooden Flooring Chevron Pattern Colorful Patterned Rug White Desk White Drawers Wall Shelving Units Books Adjustable Floor Lamp Orange Chair Metal Legs

Large Framed Photograph Wooden Sideboard With Drawers Floor Lamps Thick Creamy Curtains Red Chair Metal Legs Glass Windows White Bed Grey Covering Pink Accent Pillows

Light Wooden Flooring Chevron Pattern Wooden Console Table Metal Legs Oversized Wall Artwork Black Chair Metal Legs Interior Radiator White Table Wooden Chairs

Sculptural White Pendant Bright Patterned Rug Wooden Flooring Metal Bed Creamy Bedding Small Chair Creamy Curtains White Cabinet

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