Eclectic Modern Apartment in Monaco Filled with Textures, Colors, and Artworks

Oversized Painting And Printed Pictures On The Wall Wooden Side Table Leather Sofa Low Mirrored Coffee Tables Grey Chair Metal Black Legs

A modern interior décor does not necessarily minimalist and straightforward. It can be filled with bold colors as well as some detailed stuff all over it to get the better appeal accordingly. Well, an inspiring décor of a modern apartment can be found in work by Humbert & Poyet. The apartment is located in Monaco which has been finished in the chicest and modern way possible. It has a kind of artistic vibe in a quite reliable way with many colors and artworks inside as well. Each space inside this apartment is quirky and highly artistic which is highly enjoyable in many ways.

As the central living area inside this apartment, the living room has a textural décor with soft upholstery of furniture combined with metal and wooden details as well as a just rug. The focal point of the space is a large brown leather sofa with a bit of accent given by the gold mirrored coffee tables there. There are bold looking purple chairs there giving splashes of vibrant tone within the space. The artworks and photos inside this area add more beautiful effect to the overall décor. Lots of light enter the space through a glass wall so that space is very bright. There is a reading nook with a yellow chair and its footrest while a white upholstered bench is paired with an ottoman there.

Meanwhile, the dining space is just separated away from the previous zone using a wooden shelf. An oval table is there with geometrical design chairs in the emerald finish. A grey rug is there square as well to make the space cozier and calmer. An iconic piece in this space is an industrial sputnik chandelier above that is the focal point of the area. Quite the opposite with the rest of the apartment the kitchen is dark with the strong mid-century appeal. A small breakfast nook is there with a dark table in the same finish as moody cabinets and some chairs.

A surprising thing about this apartment is, as a matter of fact, the terrace. It is done in neutral warm looking tires. Lots of greenery and potted plants are making the space more inviting in many ways. In this particular space, there is an additional dining area with bold blue sofa and wicker chairs. The entire interior area of this apartment is nothing but beautiful and enjoyable for sure.

Creamy Outdoor Terrace White Dining Table And Chairs Wicker Chairs Round Table Wicker Planters Potted Plants Greenery Wall

Blue Upholstered Wooden Outdoor Sofa Small Round Table Blue Metal Chair Concrete Planters Potted Plants Greenery Wall

Wooden Home Office Desk Blue Upholstered Chair Metal Legs Botanical Themed Print Wallpaper Grey Curtain Laptop Sculptural Floor Lamp Shade

Bold Purple Velvet Chairs Mirrored Top Square Coffee Table Wooden Side Table Leather Sofa Large Artistic Print Wall Artwork Textural Grey Rug

White Wall Sconce Unique Sputnik Pendant Wooden Chair Rattan Surface Patterned Large Rug Grey Curtains Glass Window

Bold And Bright White Framed Wall Artworks Sputnik Style Chandelier White And Gold Accents Grey Textural Rug Wooden Top Metal Legs Decorative Greenery Black Chair Legs Green Cushions

Wooden Shelf Room Divider White Sofa And Pouf Creamy Yellow Chair And Footrest Wooden Side Table Black Shade Floorlamp Sputnik Style Chandelier Bold Large Wal Artworks Books Shiny Tile Flooring

Oversized Painting And Printed Pictures On The Wall Wooden Side Table Leather Sofa Low Mirrored Coffee Tables Grey Chair Metal Black Legs

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