Fresh and Creative Elmetta Portable Lamp by Tommaso Caldera

Elmetta Portable Lamp In Red With Red Handle And Green With Black Handle

A table lamp or a desk lamp is a piece of item that has to be there in any modern living space. When the area is done in contemporary style décor, anything added to the area should be having modern style as well. That is the main thing offered by Tommaso Caldera in his latest lighting fixture product named Elmetta Smart Table Lamp. At a glance, this lighting fixture is a compact and simple piece that will be nothing but perfect for any modern dwelling. It looks great over its simplicity while it is highly functional at the same time. It will work nicely in various ambiances of any space with its specific colors to choose.

Within the designing and manufacturing of this lighting fixture, Tommaso Caldera came up with the fresh and even look all over the lamp. It can be said to be the upgraded version of the so-called Elma portable lamp released in the previous year. The upgrade in this Elmetta compact lamp features a more dynamic appeal with various colors to choose. It is, even more, popping out for modern spaces that are commonly neutral and calm. One good thing about this new collection of Elmetta Smart Table Lamp is that it can quickly be moved and connected to any port to are functioned correctly and efficiently.

Each piece of the Elmetta Smart Table Lamp has its anodized aluminum shade in different colors. And to complement each part, there is a metal handle that is curved and polished so that this whole lamp has a finishing two shades of minimalism but beautiful in the frame. Aside from the simple color scheme, the actual shape of this lamp is pretty simple so that it can easily be fitted to any space on any table or surface. Even on a bookshelf will do just fine for this lamp. Furthermore, the bent and polished metal handle is making I easier to bring this lamp anywhere for transport whenever needed. The available colors to choose of this lamp consist of green, blue, red, black and silver.

This Elmetta Smart Table Lamp can be functioned as a specific task lighting such as working or reading. Other lighting fixtures will be needed in any space where this lamp is placed though. It can even be a bedside lamp for kids’ rooms since it is rather attractive for kids in term of its eye-catchy color options.

Elmetta Portable Lamp In Red With Red Handle And Green With Black Handle

Elmetta Portable Lamp In Black Silver And Blue With Black Handle

Green Elmetta Portable Lamp With Black Handle Books Pencils

Side View Of The Elmetta Portable Lamp In Red With Red Handle

Black Elmetta Portable Lamp White Bulb Inside

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