Minimalist Industrial Home Interior of a Former Schoolhouse

Black Fraed Glass Windows And Door Rough Brick Exterior Wall Potted Plant

Altering old stuff to be new in both their appeal and function is a common thing today. Even some old buildings have been repurposed to be completely better looking as actual living places. Well, buildings like a barn, winery, warehouse and even schoolhouse can be renovated to be a comfortable living place. An architect named James Davies has just finished his home in Hackney out of a derelict building. An old schoolhouse has been successfully altered into a minimalist dwelling with a bit of industrial flair around its interior. Overall it is now a comfortable place to live in for sure.

This brick building has just been finished with entirely new gridded steel frame windows along with an inner courtyard. The original brick envelope of the building is restored by Davies to bring its old glory back to life. The interior structure is kept beautifully visible by opening up its double-height space so that it is now a spacious living area. That set of gridded steel frame windows delivers plenty of lights that are beneficial for the interior space.

The interior is a perfect mix of steel and concrete surfaces with the basic idea of delivering a quiet industrial beauty. Thus to come along with those surfaces, the tones of the interior remain in the mix of black and grey with some light accentuating tones of natural wood. The addition of wood adds coziness and warmth to the décor which is ideally needed for a minimalist dwelling like this one. The perfect way to accentuate the high ceiling of the interior is undoubtedly by adding pendant lamps which have been appropriately done inside this house. There are some more large windows in the space that are all beneficial in enhancing the décor as well as boosting the brightness of the area.

Moving away from the central living area there is the kitchen in such minimalist yet the masculine style of the décor. It has black marble backsplash along with black cabinets and stained wooden cabinets alongside different concrete kitchen island. Overall the interior is a minimalist décor which is pretty similar to that famous Scandinavian style. It has been much fun for Davies to finally finish this project since it is a kind of inevitable dream of many creative Londoners to have a dwelling in the particular area of Hackney just as this one.

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