Minimalist yet Beautiful Forest Retreat to Escape Daily Routine

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Having an escape once in a while away from the daily routine is necessary to maintain the excellent condition of body and soul. Undoubtedly one of the ways to get that done is by moving to a kind of holiday cabin or even a forest retreat and stay there for the weekend or any holiday. A couple in Seattle has the idea to build their forest retreat where they can have a quiet time together whenever needed. Thus they hired Suyama Peterson Deguchi to help design the minimalist forest retreat in their mind and bring it to reality. The result is the so-called Junsei House that offers everything as a regular home without being too much while also entirely different in many ways. One thing for sure is that this house is surrounded by trees all around.

The idea of being minimalist in creating this forest retreat is derived from the fact that there should be minimalist footprint towards nature. Even the surrounding environment is instead emerged and connected to this forest retreat smartly by keeping the building following the area. A little digging has been done to protect the roots of the surrounding trees and that the trees are left untouched along the construction. Despite the tight available space of only 18 feet wide and 80 feet long, this forest retreat is a nice one to stay with just everything needed by the owner couple to enjoy their stay there.

Window walls inside seem to frame the lush landscape around the building. That gives the feel of a tree house. White walls are covered in dark wood in some areas without any curtain at all to get the best views while also seamlessly connecting the indoor and the outdoor areas. This building has only two levels with the upper level are for the office while the first level is about everything in an open floor plan.

Being minimalist in the construction of this house is affected by the minimal budget allocated by the owners. Thus specific materials in lower cost are used such as raw plywood as well as corrugated metal siding. There is a smart arrangement of service components for the house in a white box in front of the house that continues to the inside of the house. That box is considerably the central living support of this forest retreat.

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Indoor Hearth Potted Plants Wicker Chair Black Leather Cushions White Shade Floor Lamp Wooden Framed Glass Wall Wooden Wall Covering

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