Natural and Eco-Friendly Stools Made of Wood and Eelgrass

Eelgrass Panels In Different Shades

Nowadays the awareness towards nature is getting higher and higher. More and more people concern more about many things in their life that could affect the environment severely. It includes the scope of interior décor and home furnishing matters. Thus the idea of having eco-friendly items to use is getting more and more popular. Natural elements have been incorporated into the making of furniture items for years which will not leave lots of footprints. Well, amidst many items having eco-friendly characteristic there is a stool by a designer named Carolin Peitsch.

The stool is named Zolstera which is pretty eco-friendly since it is made of wood and a unique material of eelgrass. Even though it is med of eelgrass, the final product is a solid stool as if it is entirely made of wood. Overall it looks like simple wooden stools out there although the top section or the seating surface is a different thing. The so-called eelgrass itself is somewhat rare and uncommon material to be used as furniture items materials. The one thing that came up to the mind of Carolin Peitsch in using it is because it is eco-friendly for sure.

The eelgrass used in this stool is harvested from the North Sea all along its beaches. The eelgrass is originated from several places one of which is Germany. It is estimated that thousands of tons of the eelgrass found in the shores of NorthSea came from Germany alone. That amount of eelgrass to get is one thing seen by the designer of this stool as a decent opportunity. So the eelgrass is harvested and combined with bio-resin to create a fiber-reinforced eco-plastic as the material for this stool surface. The result of that particular combination is a lightweight material which is quite natural and durable while also unique for sure

Each surface of this Zolstera stool will have its unique pattern of eelgrass to enjoy. It is kept that way so that its look will be a nice accent to any interior space décor. Aside from just being minimalist as eating, this stool is a sustainable as well. It will comfortably fit in any interior décor which could even be main seating items for a dining space or a living room with tight space. One thing for sure is that its surface material could be a conversation starter.

Tools And Materials To Create The Eelgrass Surface Of The Zolstera Stool

Eelgrass Panels In Different Shades

Different Shades Of The Eelgrass Surface Of The Zolstera Wooden Stools

Unique And Creative Zolster Stool With Wooden Legs And Uncommon Eelgrass Surface

Minimalist Wooden Stool Design Unique Surface Of Eelgrass In Different Shades

Original Form Of The Eelgrass In Different Shades

Zolstera Stool Wooden Legs Eelgrass Surface

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