Home Decor

Black Wood Country House with Modern Touches Inside

Combining two contrasting styles is a common thing in home furnishing and interior decoration. It means that a traditional looking wooden house may well be having a modern interior décor. One decent example of that is this house in the Gorski Kotar mountainous region of Croatia. An architect named ...

3 months ago Volkhardt Landsberger

Home Decor

A London House with Antiques and Art Pieces to Admire

A house filled with arts and antiques could be awesome especially for those antique and craft lovers. There is one such home in London that belongs to Rose Uniacke. The fact that its owner is an antique dealer means that it is pretty reasonable for the house to be ...

3 months ago Amalia Kempf


Beautiful Apartment in Spain with Soft Vibes of Paris Inside

An old building of an apartment in Coruna is originated from the 50s has just been altered to have a soft and modern vibe of Paris. Well, it is located in Spain, but the beauty of Parisian vibes attracts Ramisa Projects & Fun to create a unique décor inside ...

4 months ago Amalia Kempf


A Beautiful Danish Apartment with New York Loft Vibe

Traditional touches of Scandinavian style are highly prevalent in decorating small interior space to make it looks and feel more significant. An apartment is undoubtedly a tiny living space that could benefit this particular style décor. Surprisingly the fact that Scandinavian décor merely is means that it can quickly ...

4 months ago Niko Korholz

Living Room

Inspiring Ideas of Feminine Living Room

Creating a feminine living room is pretty simple with just some pretty easy ideas to do. The critical thing is the furniture items to be placed and arranged inside the living room. Many ways can be done to create a decent looking living room having a feminine appeal.  Colors ...

4 months ago Sabina Eich


Rocking Any Interior Décor by Adding Glass Garage Door

Adding a particular feature that is somewhat unique in an interior décor will be able to boost its appeal as well as function in some cases. Even a thing which is somewhat uncommon to be added to an interior space could surprisingly boost the look of the area. One ...

4 months ago Maximilian Lichter


Relaxing Bathroom Atmosphere with Freestanding Bathtubs Inside

Specific items will deliver different effect to different space just as bathtubs for any bathroom. There are different types of the toilet in which each one of them will have different sizes and shapes as well. Thus each one of them will give different effect to the bathroom where ...

4 months ago Nadja Brahm

Living Room

Ideas to Create a Really Masculine Looking Living Room

One of many ideas to be realized in decorating a living room is to create a rather manly one of the so-called masculine style. It is true that at the end it can even be considered to be a man cave décor style. That general idea of having a ...

4 months ago Maximilian Lichter

Dining Room

Creating Feminine Appeal in a Dining Room Easily

Interior decoration may not always be gender-free since a dining room can be feminine. It is true that as simple as picking the main color scheme for space, the overall décor can either be a masculine or feminine one. It is not difficult at all to create a feminine ...

4 months ago Amalia Kempf


A Former Factory Turned into Minimalist yet Beautiful Industrial Loft

It has been quite popular recently that some people started to repurpose old stuff and even building to be completely useful today. In term of old buildings, there will always be lots of them all around the globe that could be looking great when altered and renovated correctly. This ...

4 months ago Marius Gerstenberg