The Cell Collection of Furniture with Privacy Concern from Sitland

The privacy issue is a crucial matter of today. Changes in human life may just be compromising privacy matter so that people need something to ensure their privacy is pretty much kept safely and adequately. Well, concerning that privacy matter and furniture items there is the latest furniture collection ...

4 months ago Lili Hofbauer


Easy Tricks to Update Home Office Real Quick

Adding one or two things and changing a bit of stuff in a home office could result in a decent chance of it. Both the look and the function of a home office can indeed be better with just some easy tricks in some sections. It is essential to ...

4 months ago Lili Hofbauer


Minimalist Industrial Home Interior of a Former Schoolhouse

Altering old stuff to be new in both their appeal and function is a common thing today. Even some old buildings have been repurposed to be completely better looking as actual living places. Well, buildings like a barn, winery, warehouse and even schoolhouse can be renovated to be a ...

4 months ago Nadja Brahm

Home Decor

Aesthetically Pleasing Glass Pendants from CP Lighting

The latest set of lamps offered by CP Lighting has been created extraordinarily. Furthermore, the materials used for the lights are repurposed materials so that at the end the blow glass pendants collection from CP Lighting is a very special lighting fixture to have. It is aesthetically pleasing to ...

4 months ago Raimund Weizenbaum


Simple Tricks in Altering and Refreshing Bedroom Décor

Altering the look of a bedroom in simple and easy ways to get such significant result is possible. It is necessary to modify interior decoration once in a while especially a bedroom. The fact that bedroom is the ultimate spot in any house makes it more and more important ...

4 months ago Sofie Brandeis


Eclectic Designer’s Apartment with Designer Pieces and Warm Atmosphere

A designer named Sandra Benhamou has her apartment done in a pretty eclectic and chic way with some iconic elements all around it. As a designer’s home surely there will be some iconic designer pieces around the décor to help to enhance the décor. Aside from that matter, this ...

4 months ago Volkhardt Landsberger


An English Country Kitchen Finished in the Mix of Modern and Traditional Flairs

Mixing two rather contrasting elements could often lead to a unique combination. This English kitchen that belongs to a country cottage is a kind of evidence that traditional can be mixed pretty well with modern to create a one of a kind appeal. The overall appeal of this kitchen ...

4 months ago Marius Gerstenberg


Quick and Easy Kitchen Beautification Ideas

The kitchen may not be the place that many people pay attention to in term of its décor and appearance. It may well be in contrast to the living room in which many homeowners will spend most of their time and money to find and realize ideas for its ...

4 months ago Ekkehard Posse


Beautiful Textural Accents in a Screen House by Carter Williamson Architecture Firm

A connection of interior space to the outdoor area is a crucial element in this beautiful-looking chic and modern house designed by Carter Williamson architecture firm. Based in Australia, the firm delivers a pretty firm example of contemporary style building with lots of chic flairs and some textural accents ...

4 months ago Axel Pracht


Bean Bag Furniture Collection for Outdoor Spaces by TRIMM Copenhagen

Designing an outdoor space that is comfortable may not be that easy. Some things will be helpful in making it a bit easier to get the job done. A unique looking furniture collection for any outdoor space has just been designed and released by TRIMM Copenhagen for anyone. Well, ...

4 months ago Amalia Kempf