The Carbon Light in a Highly Futuristic Design

Eye Catchy Appeal Of The Carbon Light By Asobi In A Room Grey Chairs Grey Top Table Mirrored Wall Panels

A small piece of item in interior décor that can be having a vast array of choices is lighting fixtures. There are so many brands, designers, and manufacturers that come up with their creative ideas in lights. Some of them are iconic enough to be called one of a kind. In term of the basic idea of the design, it can be anything. Well, from classic stuff to futuristic and alien related things can be incorporated into the main theme of design for any piece of lamps out there.

The latest one in term of original lighting fixtures came from a creative consultancy firm named Asobi. There is the Carbon Light that at a glance can even be considered to be having out of this world shape and look. Those who love alien and space-themed movies will understand the idea of this lamp being called out of this world. It is a unique lighting fixture that will worth the time and attention to admire its shape and design thoroughly. It looks like a kind of spacecraft that hover from above. It seems simple at one point, but it screams nothing but uniqueness even in its material. It can be said to be sculptural by one person while another person may think of it as a surreal piece of the lighting fixture.

As a creative consultancy firm, it is reasonable for Asobi to be able to come up with this idea of Carbon Light. It is a collection of modular LED suspension lights in a highly futuristic design. Even though it employs clean lines all over its shape, it has its way to be able to stand out amidst many other lighting fixtures out there.

Each piece within this collection of the lamp is produced with a lightweight carbon-fiber body finished in matte. It comes in a multitude of sizes so that the result is an infinite configuration to present this lamp as a whole piece. It means that this lamp will be able to be adjusted to meet the needs of different space where it is placed. A splash of modern uniqueness is there in this Carbon Light that will be a great solution for modern dwellings. Regardless of the interior décor style that could be modern or minimalist, this lamp will work well with it’s out of this world magic.

The Carbon Light By Asobi Black Carbon Fiber Body Led Lights Futuristic Sculptural Design

Unique Shape Of The Carbon Light By Asobi Made Of Lightweight Carbon Fiber

Detailed View Of Carbon Fiber Material Of The Carbon Light By Asobi

Eye Catchy Appeal Of The Carbon Light By Asobi In A Room Grey Chairs Grey Top Table Mirrored Wall Panels

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