Traditional Rustic Flairs in a Modern Dwelling Filled with Light

Anitch Inspired Sculptural Chandelier Above The Staurs With Blakc Metal And Glass Railing

Modern décor style is a rather plain one to be honest in which all sort of accents and flairs can be added to it to get the better appeal right away. A modern home created and designed by Ryan Street & Associates along with Elizabeth Stanley as the interior designer has a perfect mix of contemporary décor with many other things. Inside the home, there are the personalities of its owners along with rustic and traditional touches while the entire space is filled with light. It is a decent example of a mix of several styles in one charming and beautiful interior décor that has been done all the way properly around.

The fundamental tone of the interior is white which only make the house lighter and more spacious at the same time. A fireplace is the main feature inside the living room along with comfy upholstered furniture items and rustic wooden items as well. The flooring in this area is done in light-colored wood while the entire wall is in white. The layout of the space is an open floor plan to make it more spacious in dealing with limited apartment space as usual. Wooden beams above the area and wooden framed mirror boost the traditional wooden accents in this space. Meanwhile, a few black accents can be seen on the side tables, window frames, and carpets.

Furthermore, the dining space is just here next to the window so that it is filled with light. A round dining table accompanied by upholstered chairs and wooden sideboard can be seen there filling the area. There is a white chandelier in a large size that can be considered to be the statement piece of this piece to look traditional instead of being modern. On the other hand, there is a chic looking kitchen with light-colored wooden furniture items and black marble counters. A breakfast nook is there with leather upholstered benches as the seating spots.

A master bathroom in this apartment is filled with lux. It has white marble cladding along with light-colored wooden accents to start. One of the walls is covered with a mirror that reflects the light to create an airy and more spacious feel inside this bathroom, gives a cool statement from the chandelier at the top of the stairs. The mix of stuff inside this apartment can be seen and enjoyed in all spaces inside.

Wooden Ceiling Beams Wooden Flooring Patterned Rug Wooden Chairs White Sofa Acrylic Table Metal Accents Stuffed Zebra Head Decor

Anitch Inspired Sculptural Chandelier Above The Staurs With Blakc Metal And Glass Railing

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Vintage Chandelier Wooden Desk Carved Legs Light Wooden Flooring Grey Concrete Tile Flooring Black Glossy Sculptural Chair Candle Holder Decorative Bust Sculpture Dark Wooden Cabinets

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