Vintage and Industrial Looking Porthole Bar in Steampunk Touch

The Porthole Bar From Rh Contract Dark Finished Metal Body Detailed Gold Finished Frame Glass Front And Shelves

Amidst many items that can be added to any interior space to beautify the area, some of them have unique design and style like no other. Some people prefer to add individual items to their interior space to accentuate the décor of the area. Minimalist and straightforward modern décor style means that such things in unique design and style will have a significant effect on the overall appearance of the space. One thing for sure is that functional or practical aspect is not the thing that will be compromised though.

One of many unique items to add to any interior space is this one called Porthole Bar by RH Contract. It is just a fresh take on a home bar. It incorporates the basic style of industrial and vintage given a bit of steampunk vibe all over it. Another thing is that it has considerably been glamorized that looks just nice. In short, it is a perfect combination of metal, pipes, and glass with such eye-catchy result without compromising its primary function as a bar at all. It is a fresh take on a home bar that will also beautify the space of its placement at the same time.

The main inspiration for this item according to RH Contract is the 1920s industrial sphere in which the interpretation leads to this glamorized looking steampunk porthole bar. It combines different textures and appeals of different materials in a kind of dramatic effect. Porthole itself is a common term in marine-related stuff that has been appropriately married with an industrial and vintage appeal all over its design and shape. It has been a smart way of incorporating the classic idea into an item that will work even in modern style environment.

Overall it is finished in dark round metal piece with glamorous looking gold detailing as well as legs that seemingly frame it. Some people may imagine it as a kind of different submarine from the old times with glass doors and walls used in all sorts of undersea expeditions. Inside the thing, there are glass shelves plus a shelf on its legs. Those shelves will guarantee enough spaces to store glasses and bottles since it is a bar, right? A home bar has never been this beautiful in which this so-called Porthole Bar by RH Contract can be added to almost any space in any decoration style.

The Porthole Bar From Rh Contract Gold Finished Pipe Frame Metal Body Glass Panels Books Glasses Wine Bottles Grey Chair

The Porthole Bar From Rh Contract Dark Finished Metal Body Detailed Gold Finished Frame Glass Front And Shelves

Glamorized Steampunk Style Porthole Bar From Rh Contract Glass Shelves Front And Back Cover Books Dark Meal Body

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